12 de abril de 2007

Veamos, hice un test ocioso a ver si se ve

Random Questions
1) BirthplaceGuadalajara, Mexico
2) Height173 Cm 5'8''
3) Hair colorDarkbrown
4) Eye colorHazel
5) Work place?Disaster zone
6) Any animals?Nouh T_T
7) Goals for this year?Get 70% of my major done
8) Goals in life?Become and Ambassador
9) Are you close with your family?Yup
10) Have you gotten in a fight?YUP, i almost broke his knees
11) Have you been beaten up?noup, me strong ^^
12) By whome?nobodieeee mwahaha
13) Whats your favorite color?Green-Silver
14) Do you like to watch sports?NO~ sux hard
15) Whos your favorite team?go to last question
16) Do you like to drink?YAY! beer!!
17) Whats your favorite alcohlic drink?Tequila!!
18) Do you do any drugs?Noup.. coff coff new years pot coff coff
19) How long have you been sober?Last time was... 4 days ago XD
20) Who was the last person that kissed you?My mum, for good night kiss assholes >>#
21) Are you in a relationship?sadly... nou
22) When do you want to get married?Over 30 y/o
23) To whome?My soulmate? Marriage is for life, only 1 for me
24) Whats your best feature?My humor, honesty, and intelligence
25) Whats your worst feature?My lazyness
26) Whats one thing you want to change about yourself?I would fix my teeth
27) Is it possible?yeah, but they have to take all my teeth away and put some new ones
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1 susurros:

Ome dijo...

Es concreto... y se aprende mucho... me interesaron un par de datos ahí. Bueno... no soy tan metiche. n.n ánimo, Xel !

Jaa na !!