17 de julio de 2007

Las razones por las cuales me estoy animando a comprar un Kilt

Reasons to Wear a Utilikilt

Utilikilts Company’s Top 10 Reasons for Wearing a Kilt

  1. Because through out history, men have worn un-bifurcated garments.
  2. Because if women had an appendage hanging between their legs we guarantee you they wouldn’t be wearing pants.
  3. Freedom, and increased mobility.
  4. You only go around once, so why shouldn’t you be as comfortable as possible.
  5. All men deserve air conditioning in the summer. You will chafe no more.
  6. No more adjust, right side, left side… Say goodbye to wedgies.
  7. A word about the pockets: Unlike pants, the Utilikilt’s pockets are only sewn down on top, so that they move with the garment but not with your leg. No more bulky crap contorting the shape of your leg. The Workman’s can carry an entire six pack. You don’t have to wear your cell phone on your belt. With the Wrkms kilt, you don’t need a tool belt (for lighter stuff.)
  8. The Utilikilt is made in the USA . You are supporting local industry. Your mojo will thank you.
  9. Easy access …
  10. Fringe benefits:
  • Physical: Your virility may increase. You will experience the pleasing sensation of air conditioning.
  • Mental: Wearing a kilt shows a sense of security with yourself, and you will inspire much debate in others.
  • Spiritual: Without physical constrictions, you burden will be lighter, your sense of freedom less impaired, and your sense of yourself, will have room to grow.

Utilikilts Customer’s Top 100 Reasons for Wearing a Kilt

  1. Chicks I’ve never met before ask me about my underwear
  2. The freedom to scratch when and where it itches.
  3. You can call Punks conformists.
  4. Because the boys (wink wink!), they like to swing.
  5. Because history has shown that men in kilts routinely kick the sh!t out of the trousered.
  6. Heat vents on cold days.
  7. AC vents on hot days.
  8. The extra element of suprise, when you have to kick someone in the head.
  9. In this culture, men have spent the last century ogling women’s legs. It’s time to turn the other cheek.
  10. You introduce yourself to a woman, and she immediately starts thinking about your undergarments.
  11. Because I can wear / have worn the Black workman’s UK to ANY of the following : hiking, semi dressy dinner, Goth club, Burning Man, beach, wedding - and got nothing but compliments. Try THAT with another piece of clothing.
  12. When your balls are free, you will find inner peace.
  13. Becausen the extra groin room compensates for the cojones required to wear one. :-)
  14. Yes, I like a UK on my boyfriend because it lets me play with his "kilt-saber" whenever I want.
  15. When else would you ever hear the phrase, "Dude, fix your pleats."
  16. It itches a lot less in a kilt, it’s the breeze you know.
  17. It makes people wonder.
  18. When it smells of Guinness, smoke and Whiskey, it can go in the wash, and not to the dry-cleaners.
  19. I look good in it.
  20. Almost as good as being naked.
  21. Women love men in kilts.
  22. Because zippers scare sheep.
  23. Even straight guys check me out.
  24. When operating a zipper is too far beyond your capabilities.
  25. To give the ladies a cheap thrill when you get out of a car.
  26. Because equality should extend to comfort, dammit!
  27. Floor mounted AC vents on a hot day.
  28. Name another article of clothing where you can carry a 12 pack of longnecks in the pockets!
  29. Ergonomically, men belong in kilts. That seam in pants can be deadly.
  30. Because I wear them!
  31. Number one reason to wear a kilt: "You can dance in one - plenty of ball room!"
  32. To "air out your nads" - Courtesy of my fiance.
  33. Women LOVE them.
  34. Utilikilts are SEXY.
  35. Any guy who feels confident enough to wear one has got to be progressive, sexy, and hip All my men wear utilitkilts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  36. I submit that UKs are the Ultimate ‘Babe Magnet’. ‘Nuff said.
  37. Because it makes me feel good to feel sexy.
  38. Prevents the marshy feeling from wearing pants when living in the desert.
  39. When worn regularly, no one ever forgets who you are.
  40. On a mooning raid, you have quick access!
  41. Chicks love confident guys… and ya gotta be confident to wear one.
  42. It’s one thing that men and women can agree on when deciding what to wear.
  43. If you’re out of things to talk about with a new friend, a kilt will be a convo topic for at least four straight days.
  44. Scots rule. Scots wear kilts. Kilts are the #1 reason Scots rule. Ergo, so will you when donning one.
  45. A utilikilt also represents HERITAGE!!!! This should be the greatest ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Utilikilts Disclaimer: It may be that this customer is talking about a broader sense of heritage, not necessarily Scottish, but more primitive and ancestral. Men the world over used to wear unbifurcated garments no matter what country or class they came from. We at the UKHQ do not try to promote the UK as a Scottish garment.)
  46. It makes a great trademark if all your band members wear kilts.
  47. If you like carrying big swords, a kilt is a necessary accessory.
  48. Y’know, "kilt" IS Scottish Gaelic for "easy access". Anyone up for a quickie?
  49. As a woman who loves male legs and their accessories, it all comes down to one word: ACCESS.
  50. I can get it on with very little clothes adjustment/removal on my part.
  51. Fashion colours for my every mood.
  52. I have nice calves and I like to show them off.
  53. It’s a good reason to invest in nice wool socks.
  54. People look at me funny.
  55. Women like men who don’t wear underclothes (I should know, I am one of those women!) Not to mention, Kilts are sexy!
  56. In the words of Mel Gibson in Braveheart …"Freedom!"
  57. Because real women LOVE men in kilts (especially Utilikilts!)
  58. All the cool guys at ren-faire wear them to the after hours events. you’re even cooler if you have a selection.
  59. I love the reactions!
  60. With the workmans, i don’t need a backpack.
  61. Wearing a kilt promotes creative and witty thinking. there’s only so many ways you can respond to the "what are you wearing under that?" question. the trick is to wear it out to a busy location (disneyland) and try to come up with a different response each tme. (’i'd have to show you’ is my favorite-the reaction is quite fun to watch…)
  62. it’s easier to run away with your kilt up than it is to be caught with your pants down….
  63. Have you seen how dorky some of the "traditional" dress kilts are? Those men don’t need the freedom a kilt affords, they need their balls back.
  64. You don’t have to be Sean Connery (or Steven) to look good in a UK. It looks good on everyone.
  65. Chicks dig me in a kilt. Gay men dig me in a kilt (not my preference, but flattering none the less). Straight men admire the Ballsy attitude it requires to wear a UK in Corporate America (and wish they were you.)
  66. Circulation. Freedom. Comfort. Style. Quality.
  67. Two Words: Beer Pockets.
  68. Women ask about underwear.
  69. The only person at a party that doesnt have to go to the fridge for another beer.
  70. Question and answer sessions w/ opposite sex.
  71. You never feel more alive then when you fall snowboarding and slide a few feet on your ass while in a Utilikilt of course.
  72. Because Thompson (author of:"So You’re Going To Wear The Kilt!") said to "wear it early and often".
  73. After wearing UK’s EVERY SINGLE DAY for a year-and-a-half gives my company visual and professional recognition all over a large city like Denver.
  74. Because after a rugby match, nothing says, "I’m a warrior", like putting on your utilikilt.
  75. I’m a ‘contra dancer’ ie; traditional dance. A lot of men don semi-masculine skirts.. so when they are spinning and twirling.. they have something to flow.. The Utilikilt allows a man to look great dancing… and not be mistaken for a cross-dresser.
  77. "The only problem with a kilt, and I mean the ONLY problem is that when you cut a fart the smell lasts longer if you’re standing up. It kind of lingers–especially if i ’s a hot fart…because heat rises.” – Mark Nichols
  78. I am a woman who knows that men in kilts are extremely sexy. And I agree with #18.
  79. Wearing a UK reflects my attitude of freedom to be who I am; a sexy, self assured, man who enjoys self expression, comfort and freedom to the hilt.
  80. You get higher points from the Karoake judges recreating the Men without Hats video "Safety Dance".
  81. The zipper scene in “Something About Mary”.
  82. Because driving cross-country in pants is just plain cruel!
  83. Motorcyclist can REALLY feel the freedom of the open road (I do however suggest a modesty snap so as not to get pulled over every 500 yards)
  84. So you can just say "lipstick" when someone asks what you wear under your UK.
  85. For the enjoyment of being properly powdered by your girlfriend (or boyfriend) before you go out.
  86. Just to hear my Scot friends yell "What f**ken tartan is that you bloody heratic?" when I wear the cammo.
  87. Men love pet names for their own, shall we say, "attachments". It just means we can retire the phrase "trouser-snake" and come up with something a little more inventive, perhaps "kilt-cosh" or "kilt-caber"!!!
  88. Want to meet people? Wear a UK - you’ll meet people right and left!
  89. I’ve worn the kilt for years, with a recent hiatus because I’d ‘outgrown’ my traditional kilt. I finally took the plunge for a UK, and I think it’s great. So does everyone I’ve discussed it with - I’ve not had a single derisive comment (not like I care). I’m a 43-year-old software engineering manager with a family (and a longtime biker) - f*** ‘em if they can’t take a joke. (Yes, I’ve ridden a motorcycle while wearing a kilt.)
  90. Consider what disintegrates just as your jeans reach their maximum comfort: knees and crotch, if you’re like me. Enough said.
  91. Because you can be the ‘Belle of the Ball’ at Gay Pride.
  92. For women, it’s not all about what’s under the kilt. It’s about that strong self confidence and absolute masculinity you exude when wearing one, too…. no, I lied. It’s all about what’s under the kilt.
  93. Chicks Dig Guys in Kilts… Plus the Added Bonus of KILT CHECKS!
  94. The best reason to wear a UK is that it makes my wife laugh. I have to make sure that I have my wedding ring on when I wear my UK.
  95. The Utilikilt in plain colors has no connection to any Scottish tartan or clan. I am a Friesian.
  96. Less weight than a real Scottish kilt.
  97. Choice of underwear: a. Cotton, b. Nothing, c. Steel.
  98. Roomy pockets, not moving with my legs.
  99. I can carry my hiking-backpack with my UK, riding on my hips. No buckles there.
  100. No need to unzip in the toilet.

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Ome dijo...

No sé.. no me convence... como que no la usaría, pero quién sabe.

Suerte en tu nueva vida de usuario de Kilts... XD a mi idea me vería muy gracioso, no sé de otros.

Jaa na !!

bLanche... εїз dijo...

quisiera comentarte al respecto, pero lo siento, no sé inglés....

tako dijo...

Por curiosidad porque lo mencionaron en varios de los puntos: ¿los hombres que usan kilt no pueden usar ropa interior común?

Me parece raro que lo repitieran tanto, yo creí que como el kilt es algo casi igual a una falda, pues se usa la misma ropa interior que puedes usar con un pantalón, ¿o no? (digo, no sé qué tan corto sea el kilt que vende esta compañía, porque a menos de que fuera muuy corto tal vez se verían los boxers, pero dudo que ese sea el caso)... err espero puedas sacarme de la duda. Saludos! Si te compras un kilt seria curioso verlo xD